lyss lyssette ferox cooke • southport, nc • 23 • april 20, 1993 • student • tauruslogician
general doreen green, aka squirrel girl, aka the unbeatable acorn monster of the deep; is an enigma wrapped in a twisted singularity mixed with nuts. always accused that she was mutant, going so far as to even believe she was one, doreen always wanted to be a superhero. she managed to hunt down the illustrious iron man, following him among the tree-tops as she did everything she could to convince him to let her be his sidekick. sure it was a rather silly question, she should've been more prepared for his response. when he denied her a multitude of times, he was captured by doctor doom. should she rescue him? the question she pondered as she jumped up onto his ship and summoned a horde of squirrels to dismantle the ship and save the hero. this so called heroic action earned her a job as jessica jones and luke cage's nanny.

a nanny! she didn't know what to do with herself. in fact she didn't know what to do with a kid in the first place. the very idea was rather disappointing that she ended up with this job in the first place. though, over the course of a few years she grew strangely attached to the kid. even going so far as to become slightly more protective than she ever thought she would be. knowing though, that this really wasn't what she wanted to do with her life. she made sure danielle was safe, away in school and out of harm's way she moved back into the avenger's attic. it was there she decided to go to college. she wanted a semi-normal life and that was the path she had to take. now, she takes her future quite seriously... no not really. in fact she enjoys the idea of a secret identity. fighting bad guys as squirrel girl, fighting homework as doreen green.

doreen has been linked to speedball, wolverine and even going so far as having a crush on chimpmunk lad. she has amassed a rather large collection of deadpool's villains collector cards and has become friends with even kraven the hunter. no one knows how she managed this and she will never reveal her technique. truthfully she has a way with talking them down and figuring out what is really going on in their large oversized villainous heads.

personality squirrel physiology
superhuman strength
knuckle spikes
oversized front teeth
prehensile tail
regenerative healing factor


ceo. alpha personality, successful and super smart. not loyal, three failed marriages before he married tamika and seemingly endless string of affairs through every marriage. awful husband, decent (but sometimes absent because of work) father. lyss got most of her personality from him, so they butt heads.

nurse. overbearing mother, insecure personality that lyss perceives as weak so she doesn't really respect her but tolerates her. left when lyss was fifteen but has remained present in her life.

adopted into the family when lyss was fifteen. hated her until they were 16/19, now scary protective and considers char her best friend. not that she'd tell her that, though.

appearance she stands at a whopping 5'2" and is very slender. she has barely any kind of muscle and it is really noticable. she has straight redhair with bright blueish green eyes, with a large amount of freckles completely covering her entire body. she dresses rather causually; jeans, t-shirt with something silly on it, oversized sweat shirt and dresses this way when she goes to work. she has no piercings and has a single tattoo of an acorn on her left buttcheek. the cause of this is unknown and she will never reveal as to why she has it in the first place.
strengths practical, prudent, ambitious, disciplined, patient, careful, humorous, reserved. weaknesses pessimistic, fatalistic, miserly, grudging.
favorites ^
family ^ tidbits ^ she has five cats: monkey joe, tippy toe, slippy pete, mister freckle and nutso.
despite being raised by her maternal grandmother, due to her mother's hatred of the woman she doesn't have any kind of connection with the woman.
she has a supernaturally high iq, she graduated high school at 14 and finished her undergrad at 18 and her doctorate at 25.
she is an avid cryptozoology nut, she has a list of all creatures and their sightings.
being raised by her grandmother, she still has horrible manners. the woman is known for pounding it into her whenever she is around.
swears up and down that she sometimes feels like she should have a tail, truth is she did when she born and her grandmother had it removed.
loves her job within the fbi, she maybe an analyst and she doesn't care.
she has survived off of ramen noodles and tuna, most of her money goes to feeding her cats and sending money to her grandmother.
she can play the violin and is rather decent at it.
while working with the fbi, she has never left the country and it's mostly due to her irrational fear of flying.
she is an avid audiobook lover, finds that she works better when she has her earbuds in and listening to george r.r. martin.
cannot communicate with people, finds it rather difficult to talk with beings on two legs. this also affects her relationships, she has never had any form of it in her life.
she keeps a jar of peanuts by her bedroom window for the squirrels who live in her yard.
it is rather stereotypical but she is an avid proveyer of all things nerd like; she plays table top games, video games, even cosplays on the side and on-top of it all she is an avid collector of magic the gathering. she has even participated in some of the massive mtg gaming conventions.